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A Quick Escape or a Long Getaway?

Updated: May 22, 2021

My plan for writing this week’s article was to do it outside on my patio while enjoying northern Colorado’s beautiful spring weather. The week as been sunny, yet with that underlying cool breeze that is typical here this time of year – just enough to keep a person from feeling overheated in the sun. The sail-shade over the patio keeps the sun from burning a hole in my head and I can enjoy the finch-song as mama and papa finch flit back and forth between bird feeder and and their babies in the bird box mounted to the pergola. Yeah…plans, right? It’s overcast today, and that cool breeze means it’s just a tad too cool for my tropical-born blood.

The great news I have for you is that there is so much activity in the travel industry I can’t decide what to tell you about this week. Shall I go country-specific? I did that last week. Activity-specific? Which activity? Help you solve a problem? Sure – But I now have so many answers to so many things that have been obscured for over a year, which problem do I tackle first?

So how about this: I’m guessing that like most of my readers you’re either ready, or on the brink of ready to travel again. Should you do a quick getaway (or several), or go full bore for sabbatical style-travel? Well, your travel style is entirely unique to you. In part, the role of the brainstorming session I do with clients is to determine what kind of trip will suit them at this particular time. Not just the destination, but the goal, the ambiance, the feel of the thing. You and I aren’t doing that right now, but here are some thoughts.

A two- to four-day getaway.

Consider this a test run, particularly if you’re unsure of the post-Covid landscape. Are there crowds; is it safe; mask/no mask; what are the options and requirements at your destination; what exactly is your comfort zone these days and what about this ‘new normal’? Perhaps a three- or four-day voyage that includes a day at a private island will help you dip your toes back into travel. Or a two-day train trip aboard Rocky Mountaineer through the Rockies to the beautiful deserts and red rocks of Moab, Utah.

Five or more days

That’s enough time to explore wide open spaces on a guided vacation through Wyoming’s Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks, where the West unfolds its dramatic display of mountains, canyons and historic ranch towns. Or choose California’s parks with towering sequoias. You’ve seen them on TV, so now see them yourself. They are unforgettable. Explore the low desert terrain of Death Valley and the Mojave. Don’t worry about how – the logistics are my job.

Thirty days or more.

This is the sabbatical-style travel I mentioned, where we create a sense of home away from home for you with a longer, slower pace and style of travel. A world voyage aboard Cunard or Seabourn will allow you to see the globe while traveling in comfort. Or set down roots when we book a private beach villa for you and your loved ones to relax, explore and adventure in luxury.

Let’s find the kind of vacation that inspires you to travel again, and begin planning. Reach out by phone or email; my contact info is below.

'til next week.


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