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Overseas Road Trip: Five Reasons to Hire a Private Driver

As I’ve said before, a road trip is totally worthy of your travel advisor’s input. Why? Your vacation is hard-earned is time and money, to be spent wisely with maximum return and benefit. You can stress about it, or you can let your travel advisor do that. You can race toward unknowns (“does that motel have any vacancies tonight?”), or you can eliminate the mysteries and experience only the newness, the excitement and adventure by having important details handled ahead of time by someone experience, connected, and as vested in your vacation as much as you are.

Here’s a road trip with a twist: choose a foreign destination and hire a private driver! I bet most of your overseas vacations were either group tour situations via motor coach or similar, or you drove yourself from place to place. My recommendation: elevate that experience. You’ll really appreciate it, especially if you’re the designated driver. Are there other reasons? Yes!

1. An expert will lead the way. Yes, your private driver is a local expert who will offer unique insights about the history, culture, geological wonders, cuisine, heritage, and more. You’ll get to explore the real stories behind places and events; if you have a heritage connection with the destination, traveling with a local expert is especially rewarding when they connect you with the places and stories that are meaningful to you.

2. Exclusivity. Whether you’re traveling with family, friends, golf buddies, wine club or on a girls’ trip, your itinerary is customized, and your driver is part of it. Maybe it’s a family heritage trip visiting Scotland’s castles, or a journey into popular culture – Game of Thrones destinations anyone?

3. You still have flexibility. Imagine spotting something along the way that you want to explore…a cute pub in a small village, a geothermal pool that begs for a dip…it’s still your journey, so it’s your call. Immerse yourself in authentic, exciting experiences that match your wanderlust. Imagine the photo-ops you won't miss!

4. Your comfort level is important. Mobility restrictions, dietary needs, inclusion of a milestone celebration, strict budget, a multi-generational trip where multiple interests and abilities have to be met…all the things that are important to the enjoyment of your vacation are still earnestly considered, and easier to meet with a private driver to cater to everyone’s needs.

5. Safety is priority. You will have peace of mind that you’re in trusted hands, and even when you’re visit includes busy attractions or exclusive hotels, you can safely be distanced from the crowds if that is a high priority for you. Besides, traveling in your own private car has built-in social distancing benefits.

A private driver tour is a doorway to cultural insight and enrichment on a deeply personalized vacation. Don't miss the sights because you're staring through a windshield while your passengers get to look around and observe. Nor be the passenger staring out a side window saying " I wonder how that got there", "I wonder what that means" or "I wonder exactly which spot it happened on". Or worse..."Where are we? Are we lost? I don't want to navigate anymore." It's time to up-level your overseas adventure.

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