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Is It Too Early to Make Holiday Travel Plans?

That's a rhetorical question, because you already know what I'm going to say...a hearty 'absolutely not'.  I might even add some '!!!!' for emphasis. I know you're just barely realizing that fall is on the way, and regarding the upcoming holiday season you'd rather remain in denial until Jan 2 of next year. Well, it's my job to keep you enlightened, entertained, and dreaming of the possibilities, so here goes.

No, it isn't too early to make holiday travel arrangements. Whether you are staying in-country to see family or venturing further afield, at the very least travel plans (if not reservations) are best initiated now. Most of us are distracted by whatever is on our current plate, and believe that things like planning for events two to four months on the horizon can wait since there is no urgency. Pshaw, I say.  You've been in that tough (expensive) place where airfare skyrockets, preferred seats are sold out, and hotel rates go up. All that can be avoided by spending a few minutes on the phone with your travel advisor, then letting her do the work.

If you're planning an overseas jaunt, our phone call or meeting will take a little longer, but a lot less time than you trying to price shop, research, compare, and book on your own. Have you even considered a vacation during the holidays?  Break the mold!  That's what we're doing this year.  We're outta here in the middle of December, and please don't ask where we'll be - we've had our reservations since last March. The holiday rut you've been stuck in for years could use a rest to let the grass grow back. Yes you have family members that look forward to seeing you during the holidays, but how about spending yours a little differently this year, so that your next visit with them will be even sweeter?  You could enjoy your holiday seeing how another culture commemorates Christmas; perhaps visiting the Holy Land for the High Holy days, and planning a Jewish heritage-based river cruise through Europe in the summer; maybe celebrate the New Year in a South American or South Pacific location. You can extend the holiday celebration to include Chinese New Year in February...all or any of this just because you can.  The tourist crowds will be smaller and there is better opportunity to interact with locals.

Think of the stress and holiday angst you might avoid this year by getting away.  If you are blessed with relatives you'd like to travel with, then how about enjoying a family cruise, or a reunion in the birthplace of your ancestors? Why wait until summertime (and mosquitoes) to have the family picnic?  Since many of us will be chilly at year's end, a warm destination might be the way to break up the wintertime shivers. If you're a winter-lover, snow sport trips in the US, Canada, and Europe are filling up fast. Call me!

If you're determined to spend the holidays in Des Moines (sorry Des Moines) with the your tribe, and your mind won't be swayed, remember that 2020 is fast approaching, and specially-priced offers for travel are already hitting my (and every other travel advisor's) mailbox: Alaska, France, Canada, a place. I've tagged a few destinations just to get you thinking; these are by no means the extent of what's possible, so dream big, beyond the horizon - if you can't, I'll help.

Don't wait. Be proactive and get your 2020 vacation arrangements settled. I'll do the work and you do the fun. It's my job to make your dreams come true: no stress, no worries, all good.

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'til next week.


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